People Are Rallying In Support Of Charlie Hebdo Across Europe

I Am Charlie Je Suis Strasbourg France solidarityVincent Kessler/ReutersA person holds a candle next to a placard which reads ‘I am Charlie’ to pay tribute during a gathering in Strasbourg on Jan. 7, 2015.

Marches and other displays of solidarity have popped up across France and Europe in the wake of the deadly attack on the offices of satirical weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Much of these are being captured on social media under the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie. On the afternoon of Jan. 7, the words appeared on Twitter over 21,000 times in just an hour.

In the French capital, Parisians held up pens in a show of support for freedom of expression.

More than 10,000 people assembled in Lyon, according to France 24.

Crowds also gathered in the port city of Marseille.

And in Toulouse, where regional media estimated close to 10,000 attendants.

People also gathered in London’s Trafalagar Square:

One Twitter user shared that a crowd in Madrid chanted “Todos somos Charlie,” or “We are all Charlie.”

The white on black “Je Suis Charlie” also appeared in Berlin, as captured by an AFP photographer. A crowd gathered around the German capital’s French embassy.

B.Z., a newspaper based in Berlin, printed a spread made of a few dozen Charlie Hebdo covers.

The AFP’s own newsroom also passed around copies of the motto around their newsroom for a photo of solidarity (the American embassy in Paris also changed its Twitter profile image to present the words).

And Le Monde used the image of a crowd carrying the words “Not Afraid” as the banner for their main web story covering the attack.

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