People are outraged about a 'racist' video that a Chinese state media agency made about India

State-run Chinese media agency Xinhua News is facing increasing backlash over a propaganda video, in which it takes inflammatory jabs at Indians, specifically the minority Sikh community.

The video, called the “7 Sins of India,” features a Chinese actor who is shown wearing a turban and a fake brown beard as he recites monosyllabic lines in a mocking Indian English accent.

The video was published on Wednesday from a chat show discussing an ongoing border dispute between the two countries. India and China have been embroiled in a military stand-off in the Doklam area since June.


Both Indian and international news outlets, including the BBC and the Washington Post have slammed the video as being flagrantly racist. 

The BBC described the anchor’s tone as “amused yet indignant,” while Indian newspaper Hindustan Times called it “an apparent attempt at parodying a Sikh — speaking the way Indians are perceived to speak English.”

The video has also elicited huge social media backlash, in India, China as well as the world over:




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