People Are Offering $80 For The $2.27 Coin Clive Palmer Gave His Refinery Workers For Christmas

Fairfax MP Clive Palmer. Source: supplied

While the late billionaire Kerry Packer used to sent his staff a cornucopian Christmas hamper filled with ham, turkey or salmon, nuts, stuffing, wine and plenty more, Queensland billionaire and Fairfax MP Clive Palmer took a slightly different approach to festive cheer with workers at his northern Queensland Palmer Nickel and Cobalt refinery, presenting them with a commemorative coin with their boss’ face on one side, the refinery on the other.

The Australian’s Hedley Thomas, who’s not exactly at BFF level with Palmer, broke the news of the mining baron’s thoughtfulness yesterday.

Clive couldn’t help himself and jumped on Twitter to thank Thomas, pointing out that his generosity towards his workers extended to exactly $2.27 each, and that the MP and mining baron still finds time to search for bargains on Gumtree. Palmer likes a bargain, having rung ABC radio last month to win a nature documentary DVD.

Business Insider checked and indeed the numismatic world has charged with excitement over this minting, with Jai from Sydney willing to pay $60, plus $10 postage, for the Clive Palmer coin.

“I’d love to swap you a coin for some cash so you can get something useful like a slab or Christmas ham. It’s going to make the perfect present for my old man. This ones going straight to the pool room,” Jai says on his post.

Someone else was willing to pay $100 each on Gumtree for two of the coins, but that ad is now closed. Coincidentally, the buyer was in Maroochydore, which is just down the road from the Palmer Coolum Resort.

Other offers on Gumtree range from $50 to $80, so it seems Palmer’s talent for turning a small fortune into a large one continues.

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