People Are Now Exchanging Cronuts For Sex On Craigslist

The $5 cronut — croissant and doughnut hybrid — is in such high demand in New York City that people are now creating Craigslist ads offering sex for the pastry.

A particularly gross ad is titled “”Seeking cronut slut.” 

cronut craigslist sex

And you thought that the hour long line at Dominique Ansel Bakery an hour before opening was bad.

The craze for cronuts is getting a little out of hand. One man told a bakery employee that he had delayed proposing to his girlfriend since he was unable to get her the pastry that morning.

Thus, many have resorted to Craigslist to secure the snack. While the above ad is the only cronut-for-sex ad we’ve seen, others are ridiculous in their own right.

cronut craigslist expensive

Here’s a cronut Craigslist ad that offers five cronuts for 4th of July weekend for a whopping $195. That’s almost eight times as much as they’d cost at their normal price.

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