People are mocking Apple's latest iPhone accessory

Apple Smart Battery CaseAppleThe Smart Battery Case.

Apple has released a new $99 (£79) iPhone case, called the Smart Battery Case, which houses a battery that can give up to 25 hours of usage.

The design of the case closely resembles the iPhone from the front, but includes a “hump” on the back that houses the larger battery. 

The design contradicts Apple’s recent ethos of making every generation of iPhone or iPad thinner and thinner. Jony Ive, Apple’s chief design officer, and Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of marketing, regularly talk about the thought-out process of Apple’s design

People have taken to Twitter to mock Apple for the design of its case which adds bulk to the iPhone. 

Owen Williams, an editor for The Next Web, objected to the bump. 

Alex Hern, the technology editor for The Guardian, unleashed a tweetstorm looking at how Apple’s values contradict the design of the Smart Battery Case. 

“Why not make the f—— iPhone two millimetres thicker in the first place?” he wrote. “‘Here at Apple, we sweat the details. That’s why our newest phone requires a $99 tumour to last from 7am to 11pm,'” he continued, mocking Apple’s promotional videos. 

Benjamin Mayo, a writer for 9to5Mac, asked: 

@JonyIveParody, a Twitter account with 46,000 followers that mocks Jony Ive, parodied his style of advertising a new device and included a picture of the bulk. 

Other case manufactures, such as Mophie, choose to either keep the battery at the bottom or include it in a more subtle way.  

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