People are making up to £6,600 a month using Airbnb in London

London property and rooms rented through Airbnb can generate more than £6,600 ($7,970) of revenue in one month, according to research firm Airdna which specialises in Airbnb data.

The below chart, from Airdnas’s London market report for November 2016, breaks out its best estimate of the amount of revenue each type of listing generates. (It’s a US company, so the figures are in USD.)

Airbnb dataAirdnaFor the month of November in 2016, top earners generate over £6,600 in revenue renting out property on Airbnb.

The chart breaks revenue out into “percentiles” for each type of listing. The green 83rd percentile bar, for example, is the minimum amount of revenue the top 17% of Airbnb earners made for those renting out that type of listing. The red 50th percentile bar is the minimum amount of revenue of the top 50% of Airbnb earners.

Airdna’s report also breaks down the number of each type of listing. For November, there were 42,186 “active listings,” which it defines as live on the site or had a confirmed booking for the month, across London.

Almost half (46.7%) of those listings were for “private rooms” (a bedroom in a shared flat or house), which have an average daily rate of £47 ($57), according to the report. And for this type of listing, the revenue chart shows us that 50% generated at least £573 ($695) in revenue for that month.

AirbnbAirdnaAlmost half of all listings on Airbnb, in London for November 2016, were for private rooms.

So between the two sets of data, you can build up a pretty clear picture of how much people earn through Airbnb and the number of people listing on it.

The listings described as “1 room” to “4+ rooms” are for an entire house or apartment.

Airdna also estimates the annual revenue generated by the top performing listings over the past 12 months.

And a five-bedroom house in Fulham (pictured below) came out on top, generating an estimated £104,000 ($126,430) in annual revenue from an average daily rate of £510 ($620).

Airbnb ChelseaAirbnbThis five bedroom flat in Chelsea is London’s highest performing listing on Airbnb, according to Airdna, generating£104,000 ($126,430) in annual revenue.

Airdna uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology on data it gathers from information publicly available on the Airbnb website, the company’s website says, to generate aggregated data on Airbnb listings, occupancy rates, revenue, and demand.

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