People are making fun of Tim Cook's blurry Super Bowl photo

Late Sunday evening, Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted out a blurry post-game photo from Super Bowl 50, congratulating the Broncos on their victory.

What he didn’t realise at the time was that he was inadventertantly giving Twitter users the chance to make some jokes about the action shot, and they didn’t pass up the opportunity to turn that photo into a snarky meme.

Now, it’s no secret that Apple takes the iPhone’s camera technology incredibly seriously, so people were quick to give Cook heat about the out-of-focus photo, with plenty of joking references to Apple’s famous “Shot on iPhone” marketing campaign.

The number of jokes grew to point that “Tim Cook” became a trending topic on Twitter. An hour later he tweeted out another photo that was in focus. Whether it was as a response to people poking fun at him on Twitter or not is uncertain, and the original photo hasn’t been deleted. But it just goes to show that even Tim Cook isn’t immune to having a photo meme-ified.

The original photo


The jokes


 Cook’s second photo


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