People are roasting the new 'Aquaman' poster and comparing it to 'Finding Nemo'

Warner Bros.

  • The first poster for the coming “Aquaman” movie was released earlier this week.
  • People immediately began making fun of it online, with some comparing it to “Finding Nemo.”
  • Others defended it by comparing it to the panned superhero movie poster for “Spider-Man: Homecoming.”

Images and details have slowly been rolling out for “Aquaman,” the coming “Justice League” spinoff directed by James Wan. Earlier this week, the first official poster was released, and social media seemed underwhelmed.

The poster features the title character, played by Jason Momoa, perched on a rock in the ocean with an army of sea creatures behind him, and the tagline says, “Home is calling.”

People immediately began trashing the poster online, with many comparing it to “Finding Nemo.” Warner Bros. and DC might have seen the roasting coming, though, as Aquaman has always been an easy target, often truly appreciated only by hardcore comic book readers.

With Momoa and Wan attached to his solo movie, there is hope the character will get the respect he deserves – but that respect will just have to wait at least a little longer.

Below are some examples of criticism directed at the poster:^tfw^tfw

But a handful of people defended the poster by comparing it to another that faced ridicule when it was released:^tfw^tfw

“Aquaman” is scheduled to arrive in theatres December 21.

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