People are learning how to control their smart homes from inside Minecraft

Rarely has switching a light bulb on and off been this exciting:

That’s a gif posted in a blog entry titled “Breaking the fourth wall with Minecraft”.

The author, “giannoug”, says he came up with the idea after stumbling upon a new modification called “OpenComputers”.

OpenComputers “adds computers to Minecraft”, giannoug says. And peripherals such as monitors and keyboards, and the ability to communicate with “the real-life internet”.

So with about an hour of spare time, giannoug joined a few dots. He had a couple of wifi-enabled light bulbs on hand, which his friend had reverse-engineered so giannoug could already control them from his desktop.

After creating a new world in Minecraft’s Creative mode, giannoug built a PC monitor, disk drive and a switch, connecting it all with redstone, Minecraft’s equivalent of electricity.

Check it out:

Picture: giannoug/hashbang

Here’s all the technical details if you want to get cracking on your own implementation.

And here it is working, again, because the potential this opens up is something you could think about for the rest of the day:

If anyone else is thinking about ordering a flat white in Minecraft and can make it happen, let us be the first to know.

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