People are now hiring drones photographers to follow them around on holidays

Photo: Black Tomato.

Family snaps have always been a part of the holiday experience, but as technology advances along with consumer expectations, people are looking for new ways to document their travel experiences.

Enter drones.

Black Tomato, a luxury travel advisor based in the UK, has recently started offering a “drone experience” in which a family can hire a photographer and their machinery in order to capture the highlights and candid moments of their trip.

Speaking at Virtuoso’s Travel Week in Las Vegas, Tom Marchant co-founder of Black Tomato, said this new innovative travel offering was the result of customer demand.

The company, which specialises in creating exceptional tailor-made experiences for its clients, pairs a professional drone photographer with its customers to provide them with a unique aerial photography as a souvenir of their travels.

“Sometimes we feel a moment needs to be experienced without the interruption of capturing it on camera or smartphone, and from a totally new perspective that few others will have experienced before,” Black Tomato says.

“We’ve pulled together a little black book of globally based professional drone photographers, drone cameramen and artistic directors… along with our team of travel and drone experts we’ll create the ultimate bespoke adventure that will allow you to gain a new perspective on the incredible places you’re travelling to with us.”

Marchant shared a short story of a particular customer. It began about a year ago when they were putting together a trip for a client as part of a birthday celebration.

“We started to think, what was the best way we could bring that to life,” he said. “We started thinking about the world of drones and what we could do.”

His team then got in touch with drone photographer Tim Browning, which saw him going with the family and filming for them.

“It really is a beautiful video.”

But how much does an experience like that cost?

“For three nights accommodation, experiences, photographer is $5,500 per person,” he said adding that final product is a 2-3 minute edited video.

“It’s a really interesting area. Obviously we’re approaching it sensitively. We’re not trying to encourage thousands of drones flying in landscapes around the world. It’s about working with special areas and helping bring these special experiences to life in a new way.”

See an the Black Tomato drone in action here:

The writer traveled to Las Vegas as a guest of Virtuoso.