People are freaking out that Pauline Hanson has been re-elected

Photo: One Nation Political Party/ Facebook.

She’s back.

It’s been nearly two decades since Pauline Hanson, the controversial former member for Oxley, was an Australian senator. But it looks like the One Nation party founder is staging a comeback.

While the senate count is in its early stages Hanson currently has a quota of 1.4%, on top of One Nation scoring 20% of the primary vote in the lower house seats of Hinkler and almost 9% in Longman, where minister Wyatt Roy looks set to lose his seat to Labor.

The strong results will see Hanson take a seat in the senate for One Nation, and even possibly a second seat for her running mate Malcolm Roberts.

But the likely result has Twitter borrowing a catchphrase that made her famous: “Please explain?”

Actually people are freaking out that Hanson, who once warned that Australia would be “swamped by Asians” has been re-elected.

Here’s what they are saying.

The result is a huge turn around for the politician who served in the lower house from 1996 to 1998, but has failed in at least eight state and federal campaigns since to revive her political career, attracting just 1.22% of first preference votes in 2013.

Speaking at an Ipswich pub on tonight, where she once owned a fish and chip shop, Hanson said: “People want Australian values, they want their culture, they want their way of life.

“I suppose they see me as a person who really cares about them, who really cares about this country.”

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