People are buying a book about WW2 on Amazon because it has the same title as the controversial Donald Trump expose

Donald Trump in Washington this month. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Randall Hansen owes Michael Wolff a beer.

Eight years ago, the former wrote a book on the American and British bombing campaign over Germany between 1942 to 1945. He called it “Fire and Fury” the same time used by Wolff for his controversial take on the first nine months inside Donald Trump’s White House.

And now the WW2 book is climbing the sales charts again because Amazon is recommending it as a bundle with the Wolff book.

The Guardian reports that the Canandian author, a political science professor at the University of Toronto, was back on Amazon’s bestseller list when the Wolff book came out, leading him to wonder “can people really be that dumb to be confusing these books?”

Someone tweeted him saying “I bought this book by accident and there’s no way I’m reading it” while the New York Post claimed that someone posted a review on Amazon complaining “I don’t see anything about President Trump! I don’t know why the democrats are so happy with this book and making a big deal out of this!” although Business Insider has been unable to find that review on the website.

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