People Actually Think "Pineapple Express" Could Beat "The Dark Knight" This Weekend

A bit of a buzz has started to develop that Sony’s stoner comedy Pineapple Express could be the first film to dethrone The Dark Knight from its perch atop the weekend box-office chart.

To be clear, no one’s saying Pineapple Express will beat the $158 million million TDK racked up its opening weekend. But some are hoping the film’s five-day gross (it opens today) will be greater than The Dark Knight‘s tally over the next five days.

Ok, maybe, but that’s not really fair. You can’t compare a movie opening on a Wednesday’s five-day gross with a film that’s been open for three weeks’ five-day gross, and if you’re measuring weekend vs. weekend, The Dark Knight could still edge out a win.

LA Times: When “The Dark Knight” recently broke the opening weekend box-office record with $158.4 million in sales, Warner Bros. snatched bragging rights from Sony Pictures, whose “Spider-Man III” had held the mark since summer 2007.

[Wow. Ever since last year. What a feat.]

So the gang at Sony would relish the chance for a bit of buzz kill. The stoner comedy “Pineapple Express” may be just the ticket.

The R-rated romp from prolific producer Judd Apatow, stars Seth Rogen and James Franco and their co-conspirators could rack up $40 million from today’s launch through Sunday, including $25 million-plus for the weekend, consumer tracking shows.

That won’t be anywhere near a record, but it could be enough to dethrone the Batman movie from its three-week perch at No. 1.

“We think we can give ‘The Dark Knight’ a run for No. 1, but nobody’s been able to beat it yet,” said Jeff Blake, Sony’s chairman of worldwide marketing and distribution. “I think we’ve got a shot.”

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