BREAKING: Military: Taliban Who Shot Down U.S. Helicopter Killed In “Kinetic Strike”

Afghanistan war

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Afghanistan Commander Gen John Allen told reporters today that the Taliban forces responsible for shooting down the U.S. Chinook helicopter on Saturday has been killed in a “kinetic strike.””At approximately midnight on 8th August, coalition forces killed the Taliban insurgents responsible for this attack,” Allen said.

Saturday’s attack in Wardak Province occurred as the helicopter, carrying 38 coalition troops, was travelling to provide backup to a pinned-down Army Ranger contingent chasing senior Taliban leaders. All those on board, including 30 U.S. troops, were killed.

Allen said NATO forces have not yet located the original target of the raid.

President Barack Obama met with the families of the U.S. troops killed at Dover Air Force Base yesterday, then paid his respects as the transfer cases holding their remains were brought onto U.S. soil.

Saturday’s incident was the single deadliest of the 10-year war.