Pennsylvanians Turn On Obama

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There are three states that are probably critical to President Obama’s re-election campaign.  They are: Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.  If he wins all three, as he did in 2008, he will almost certainly win re-election.  If one or two fall out of bed, he’ll probably be calling a moving company next December.

With that in mind, a new Quinnipiac Pennsylvania Poll contains some very bad news for the president. His approval rating is at an all-time low (42%) in the Keystone State.  More than half of all Pennsylvanians (53%) disapprove of his job performance. 

More alarming, a majority (52%) of Pennsylvanians now say that President Obama does not deserve re-election.  40-two per cent believe that he does.  The “re-elect question” is one that political professionals watch carefully.  Anything below 45% is viewed as political purgatory.  Anything below 40% is considered political hell.

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