Pennsylvania mum Accused Of Hacking School Computers To Boost Kids' Grades

Catherine Venusto Catherine Venusto.

Photo: via Linkden

A Pennsylvania mum has been charged with six felonies for allegedly hacking into her children’s school computers and altering their grades, ABC News is reporting.  Catherine Venusto, 45, of New Tripoli, is being accused of changing her daughter’s failing grade from an “F” to an “M” for “medical” in June 2010, and then changing her son’s 98 to a 99 in February 2012.

Venusto previously worked as the administrative office secretary for the Northwestern Lehigh School District from 2008 to April 2011. She allegedly used the superintendent’s username and password 110 times to access grade books, read officials’ emails, and change her children’s grade.

It is thought the privacy of at least 10 users were compromised.

Venusto was arraigned late last week on three counts of unlawful use of a computer and three counts of computer trespassing and altering data—all of the charges are third degree felonies.

Bail is set at $30,000 for Venusto. If convicted, she faces up to 42 years in prison and $90,000 worth of fines.

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