Pennsylvania Man Says He Had Massive Injuries After Traumatic Pole Dance

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Photo: Flickr / bass_nroll

A Pennsylvania man’s bachelor party took a drastic turn about two years ago when a stripper allegedly landed on him so hard she ruptured his bladder.In a lawsuit filed at the end of last month, Patrick Gallagher claims he was lying on stage while the unnamed stripper danced on a pole and slid down “from a great height and slammed her body on top of” him, ABC News reported.

Gallagher was in so much pain from the extreme dance he had to go to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a ruptured bladder and nerve damage in his back and hip, according to

Gallagher, his lawyer, and the Penthouse Club declined to comment to ABC. Gallagher is seeking more than $50,000 in damages.

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