Pennsylvania Governor Calls America "A Nation Of Wusses," Says China "Is Kicking Our Butt In Everything"

Ed Rendell

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell (D) is angry that the NFL canceled yesterday’s Eagles game due to the blizzard, and he told radio station 97.5 The Fanatic that it goes against everything football stands for.

“What do you think [Vince] Lombardi would say?” Rendell asked Monday. “He would say that we’ve become a nation of wusses.”

He contrasts the “nation of wusses,” with China, which Rendell said, “is kicking our butt in everything.” Chinese residents would have marched to the stadium, he said, and done calculus all the way down!

If you think he’s joking, listen to the interview. He is 100 per cent serious. “Maybe it’s because I’m old,” he said.

Fans could have taken Broad St., I-95, or the city’s “excellent” public transportation systems, all of which were operating through the storm yesterday. He believes fans should have been allowed to choose whether to attend, not be forced into that decision by NFL “wusses.”

When host Mike Missanelli suggested that fans wouldn’t show up and the Eagles would be robbed of home-field advantage, Rendell said he’d prefer that fate than having to play the Cowboys on four days rest next week.

Apparently, public safety is not part of his political agenda.

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