Pennsylvania's attorney general has been found guilty of perjury

Pennsylvania attorney general Kathleen Kane was convicted on all accounts in a trial stemming from a political rivalry with an opponent, The Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

The jury in the trial found Kane guilty of all charges which included two counts of perjury and 10 misdemeanour counts of abusing the powers of her office.

Kane became Pennsylvania’s first female elected as attorney general in 2013 and was seen by many as a rising star among Pennsylvania Democrats.

She allegedly disclosed confidential grand jury documents from a 2009 investigation to a reporter for the Philadelphia Daily News in June 2014. The story that appeared in the newspaper was highly critical of former state prosecutor Frank Fina.

“She knew it was wrong, she knew it was against the law, and she didn’t care … She did it for revenge. And after that happened, she covered it up with lies,” Michelle Henry, who joined Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele in prosecuting the case, told the jury, according to the Inquirer.

Kane’s frosty relationship with Fina originates from a March 2014 Inquirer story that accused her of covering up an investigation in which city officials were allegedly seen accepting bribes. She believed Fina was responsible for planting the story in the newspaper.

Kane lied under oath about her involvement in the scandal, the jury found.

Kane has yet to say whether she will resign.

The feud between Kane and Fina stretched on for years. The Inquirer has the full story here»

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