See The New Baseball App That Might Make You Buy An iPad

Pennant iPad baseball app


I don’t have an iPad and rarely wish that I did, but after seeing the new baseball themed app, Pennant, I tempted to reconsider. The app — which is featured in this story — is a compendium of every Major League box score since 1950.

But instead of giving you all that voluminous data in dry, boring agate type, it plugs it into beautiful interactive charts and graphs that would make any seamhead blush. It was built as a senior thesis project for a design student at Parsons in New York City.

Pennant lets you chart the history of any team, down to the specific day of the season, and even allows you to replay the events of any game as if you were watching it in real time. (Or “watching” it on a live game tracking site, anyway.)

The app is only $5 dollars and will eventually be opened to further development by tinkerers everywhere. Almost worth buying a whole machine for ….

Pennant Preview from Steve Varga on Vimeo.

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