Penn State’s President On The Day The Child Sex Abuse Scandal Broke: ‘We Won’t Have A Problem With This’

penn state president graham spanier

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We have fresh evidence of how badly Penn State’s leadership failed in the days after the Jerry Sandusky scandal.13 PSU trustees told the New York Times that university president Graham Spanier completely misunderstood how big the scandal would get, and failed to inform the board of the grand jury investigation until after the scandal broke.

On the day Sandusky was arrested, board members remember Spanier saying, “We deal with crisis every day at this university. We won’t have a problem with this.”

In addition, they say Spanier went rogue and altered a press release after a late-night meeting with the board of trustees to make it seem like it was a joint release between the board and himself.

“I got up the next morning to read the press release online and it really didn’t reflect what we had come to the conclusion of as a board. I remember reading that, and I was sick. I then knew we had a serious problem,” one board member told the Times.

So bottom line, Spanier and PSU’s leadership were just as inept as we thought they were at the time.

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