PHOTOS: The Most Idiotic And Offensive Mass Riot In Recent History

penn state riots

Angry Penn State students went to the streets Wednesday night after Joe Paterno was abruptly fired by the board of trustees.

The situation descended into chaos after the 10:15 p.m. announcement.

There was fireworks, tear gas, mace, broken street signs, an overturned news van, and general chaos.

While the main concern in this entire scandal should be the children whose lives were ruined, all the students focused on was Penn State football, and rallying behind an administration that helped cover up the sexual abuse of children.

The Board of Trustees Vice President John Surma announces JoePa will not coach another game

Paterno and his wife came on their lawn again to address the media

Students started to flood Beaver Ave

Wow. Remember, this enormous riot is in defence of A MAN WHO COVERED UP A CHILD SEX ABUSE SCANDAL

And plenty of cops followed

Things got violent right away. Cops pushed this student to the ground and were hitting him with a billy club

The crowd kept growing

There was tons of damage done

This student told ESPN he agreed with Joe Paterno getting fired, but that he was in a very small minority

But this kid was appalled they fired Paterno over the phone

Students even flipped over a news van

This student said the riots weren't for Joe, they were for what the University and Sandusky did

Cops brought out the pepper spray

This girl thought Penn State should have let Paterno coach one more game

All for the love of a football coach who helped cover up a child abuse scandal.

Here's how newspapers reacted this morning

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