Member of Penn State frat under fire for secret Facebook groups says posting nude pictures was just satire

On Tuesday, police announced an investigation into allegations that members of Penn State University’s Kappa Delta Rho fraternityposted pictures of nude, sleeping or passed out women to secret Facebook pages.

Members of the fraternity, which has been suspended, could face criminal charges for harassment and invasion of privacy the pages, named “Covert Business Transactions” and “2.o.”

Police discovered the Facebook page when a former member came forward, handing over printouts of the Facebook page on a thumb drive.

Now, one of the members of Kappa Delta Rho has come forward. In an interview with Philadelphia Magazine, the unnamed brother repeatedly defended his fraternity. He called the Facebook groups “satirical” and said they weren’t intended to hurt anyone:

Philly Mag: Do you regret being part of the group at all?

KDR member: Obviously, retrospectively with this having happened, sure, but the thing is, that it was a satirical group. It’s like, there’s literally sites like that that millions of people access, whether it’s or any of the other thousands of sites that post, you know, pictures of girls and post funny text conversations and Snapchat stories and things like that. It was a satirical group. It wasn’t malicious whatsoever. It wasn’t intended to hurt anyone. It wasn’t intended to demean anyone. It was an entirely satirical group and it was funny to some extent. Some of the stuff, yeah, it’s raunchy stuff, as you would expect from a bunch of college-aged guys. But, I mean, you could go on any one of hundreds and thousands of different sites to access the same kind of stuff and obviously a lot worse and a lot more explicit. is a website used to post stories of interest and pertaining to members of fraternities.

While the unnamed fraternity brother says he was a member of the Facebook groups, he insists he did not comment or post on either of the secret Facebook groups. He also compares his fraternity to a witch-hunt, and says the media have scandalized the story.

“I don’t think that something like this should be reported … as spectacularly and scandalously and widespread as it has been. It’s minor,” he says. He compared the media’s focus on his fraternity’s story to a witch hunt.

Philly Mag: In the statement you provided to us, you said “everyone … does the same old stuff.” Do you know other fraternities that have similar Facebook pages?

KDR member: No.

Philly Mag: Then what did you mean?

KDR member: What I meant is that everybody fools around, everybody makes jokes, everybody occasionally engages in … what might be considered inappropriate behaviour, and it’s not just, shall we say, when somebody happens to be caught doing the same thing that everyone else is doing … [and] they’re just tossed in the crowd, you know. Like back in the Middle Ages, they would find a witch or somebody who the community thought was a witch or something like that and toss them to the crowd, you know? When the person’s no different than anyone else.

From central Pennsylvania’s Patriot-News:

“According to the search warrant, the first page “Covert Business Transactions” was shut down after a victim allegedly discovered it, but according to the search warrant, a second page titled “2.0” was made in its place. Police said this is where members allegedly shared photos of drug sales, hazing and photos of unsuspecting victims — mostly women — partially naked.”

You can read the full interview over on Philadelphia Magazine’s website.

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