Penguin Stolen By Drunks Returned To Australia Sea World

bird penguin

Photo: Ben Tubby, Flickr

Dirk the penguin is back at a Sea World on Australia’s Gold Coast after getting snatched last weekend by drunks who broke into the amusement park to swim with the dolphins. The penguin may have been chased by a shark before being herded by a dog and eventually getting picked up by Sea World staff, Telegraph reported

The seven-year-old bird was “exhausted but otherwise well,” the UK newspaper said. A couple found the bird in a narrow waterway.

Three tourists from Wales woke up with hangovers and the penguin in their rented apartment after a wild night out last weekend, Daily Mail said. They now face charges for trespassing, stealing and unlawfully keeping a protected animal. 

Naturally, one of them posted about the adventure Facebook, which tipped off police about the penguin theft. 

Sea World hadn’t noticed Dirk was missing until it heard about it from police, NBC Los Angeles said.

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