Penfolds' 2010 St Henri Shiraz Has Wowed Critics And Outshone The Label's Classic Grange

Penfolds’ Grange is considered one of Australia’s greatest red wines and the flagship of the Treasury Wine Estate portfolio.

But the 2009 vintage has disappointed key wine tasters at the Penfolds 2014 worldwide webcast, where the annual release of the latest vintages of 19 wines were revealed to more than 10,000 major buyers, distributors and media.

However, the 2010 St Henri Shiraz overshadowed the much-anticipated 2009 Grange.

After incredible success with the 2008 Grange, which sells for $785 a bottle and received a perfect score at the same event last year, the 2009 vintage was expected to receive a similar response.

But it was the cheaper 2010 St Henri Shiraz that received the praise of critics.

Described by chief winemaker Peter Gago as one of the best-kept Penfolds’ secrets, the St Henri, at $95 RRP (but you’ll find it in bottle shops for around $81), received a close to perfect score of 99 out of 100.

Mr Gago told industry analyst to watch out for 2010 drop, saying “It is one of the best St Henris ever.”

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