Pelosi: My first meeting with Trump as president was unlike anything I've experienced in Washington

The first thing Donald Trump said upon meeting House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi was that he really won the popular vote.

During an appearance on NBC’s Morning Joe talk show, Pelosi recalled her first meeting with Donald Trump at the White House after he was elected President.

“First thing he says to open the meeting ‘You know, I won the popular vote,'” she said, adding that she then had to tell Trump that there were no facts to support his assertion.

Trump won the 2016 presidential election by a wide margin in the electoral college, but lost the popular to Hillary Clinton by about 3 million.

Trump’s dispute of these numbers and allegations of voter fraud created controversy for the then-president elect in the wake of the election.

Pelosi then said that, even though she and former President George W. Bush disagreed on many things, they were at least operating from a shared understanding of facts.

“I wish he were President now,” Pelosi said of Bush. “I wish Mitt Romney were President, I wish John McCain were President,” said Pelosi after telling show hosts that Bush once warned her that she would end up missing him.

“We all have to start at a place when we’re dealing with facts, evidence, data and then you can compromise,” said Pelosi. 

Watch the clip below:


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