Fenway Park's 100th Anniversary Celebration Included Fighter Jets, Legends And A Possibly Drunk Pedro Martinez

Fenway Park 100th anniversary

Photo: NESN

Fenway Park turned 100 years old today, and just like in 1912, the Boston Red Sox will face the New York Yankees (known as the Highlanders in 1912).But prior to the game, there was a touching ceremony that included dozens of Red Sox legends, and some members of Boston royalty throwing out the ceremonial first pitches.

In all, it was a nice, simple celebration. Well, it was until Kevin Millar and Pedro Martinez got involved, but more on that in a moment.

On the next few pages, we will take a look at the scene today at Fenway Park and how the Red Sox celebrated the first 100 years of one of America’s most beloved ballparks.

A banner on the Green Monster marked the occasion

A couple of Boston media legends were on hand

Here are the 1912 throwback uniforms being worn by the Red Sox today

It just seems weird to see Bobby Valentine as part of this celebration

And here are the Yankees 1912 throwbacks, although they were known as the Highlanders back then

The biggest change to Fenway in 100 years might be these seats on The Green Monster

It wouldn't be the same without Johnny Pesky

Dozens of legends walked out without use of a public announcer, as it would have been in 1912

Bill Buckner received one of the loudest ovations

Jerry Remy is one of the more beloved Red Sox, but never hit a home run at Fenway Park (he had 7 home runs in his career)

The iPhones and tablets took away from the throwback feel

Pedro also received a huge ovation

But the loudest might have been saved for Terry Francona

Nomar Garciaparra looked smaller

But Big Mo Vaughn is still big

One former player came ready to play

When I was just a little guy, Yaz was my first favourite player

Luis Tiant planted a big kiss on Johnny Pesky's forehead

It was nice to see that at least some of the former players wore period-appropriate throwbacks (non-white)

David Ortiz helped escort a couple of the oldest Red Sox legends

The Boston Pops performed the National Anthem as the players gathered on the middle of the field

A biplane flyover might have been more appropriate

Caroline Kennedy was among those that threw out the ceremonial first pitch, just as her great-grandfather did when Fenway Park opened in 1912

Three of the biggest legends caught the ceremonial first pitches

Kevin Millar and Pedro Martinez led a bizarre toast in which they were hoping to break a Guinness record

Millar and Pedro sounded like they might have been enjoying some adult beverages before the ceremony

Eventually the toast ended, and when it was over, the players filtered off the field

Now check out what Fenway Park looked like 100 years ago

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