An Artist Created Luxury Packaging For Everyday Items

San Francisco’s
Museum of Craft and Design is debuting a new exhibit by Peddy Mergui that displays luxury branding covering everyday food items.

In ‘Wheat is Wheat is Wheat,’ Mergui portrays dressed-up food such as Louis Vuitton salami and Burberry yogurt. “Through the creation of supermarket environment vignettes, in which products are re-branded, Mergui presents basic grocery items with well-known luxury labels and aesthetics, effectively turning a viewer’s perception of quality on its head,” the exhibit’s website explains.

The Israel-based artist wanted to showcase the relationship between ethics, design, and economics as well as the “arbitrary connection” between a product and its packaging. But we just think it’s fun to see Gucci’s logo on something other than a wallet or belt.

The exhibit opened April 12th and will run until June 15th.

Check out the photos below:

Peddy exhibitPeddy MerguiOrange by Nike
Peddy exhibitPeddy MerguiButter by BVLGARI
Peddy exhibitPeddy MerguiNoodles by Burberry
Peddy exhibitPeddy MerguiSalami by Louis Vuitton
Peddy exhibitPeddy MerguiPasta by Ferrari
Peddy exhibitPeddy MerguiMilk by Apple
Peddy exhibitPeddy MerguiPickles by Gucci
Peddy ExhibitPeddy MerguiPetite Beurre by Dolce & Gabbana

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