Check Out These Awesome Custom Displays For The Pebble Smart Watch

My Pebble FacesThe Pebble smart watch blew up Kickstarter when it was introduced. It raised millions of dollars and had tech gurus raving.

We have one of our own and love it – it might be our favourite smartphone accessory. While it has plenty of utility on its own, alerting you to incoming calls, emails, and texts, we loved the customizability of the watch faces.

Developers are only limited by their imaginations, and as you’ll see, they’ve had no trouble coming up with some interesting and peculiar ones.

Tetris, anyone?

Maybe you'd prefer Mario to tell you the time.

This face has the hour orbiting the minute.

For those who like words more than numbers.

For the data hungry, this one even includes the moon's current phase.

Classic Mac interface!

Comic book fans will recognise this as Jarvis from Iron Man.

Of course, you gotta have a calculator.

Now your very own watch can Rick-roll you.

Monty Python fans can tell the time with help from the Ministry of Silly Walks.

Keep tabs on the next holiday as this watch face counts down.

This one's directly inspired by one of the final scenes from Star Wars Episode IV.

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