14 Ideas For Making Your Pebble Smart Watch Look Great

pebble concept watch face

Photo: RichardG.heliohost.org

One of the most appealing features of the Pebble smart watch is its ability to display custom watch faces.Since the watch uses an e-ink screen, the possibilities here are endless.

Over at Pebble Concepts, users have submitted a number of concept watch faces that show just how creatively you can display the time.

Your time...in three dimensions!

This watch face shows you and your friends the time simultaneously.

Get the time and the weather from the same display.

Got a lot on your plate? Get a look at your appointments for the day.

If you don't care what time it is, this will just tell you how far along you are in the day.

Maybe you'd just like to know roughly what time it is.

Even though it's a fancy e-ink watch, you can still go with a throwback style.

Or if you want to go even more old-school, here are some Roman numerals.

A nice clean take on displaying the time.

This one has you doing maths problems to know what time it is.

The time expressed in Cartesian coordinates.

We wonder if this one ever says anything else.

Trying to learn a new language?

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