You can now buy a pear cider and prosecco mashup called ‘Pearsecco’

Crispin sells a range of wine-inspired ciders, including the new Pearsecco. Crispin Cider Co.
  • A cider company has launched a new drink called Pearsecco.
  • It’s a marriage of pear cider and prosecco, and joins Crispin Cider Co.’s range of wine-inspired ciders.
  • The company also sells rosé and brut ciders.

As the days get longer and warmer, many of us find ourselves increasingly wanting something fruity, sparkling, and refreshing come Friday evening.

And therein comes the dilemma: prosecco or cider?

This year, however, you need no longer struggle, as two of your favourite alcoholic beverages have come together in unison. Enter: Pearsecco.

A mashup of pear cider and prosecco, the new drink is the creation of Crispin Cider Co. and is 4.5% ABV.

Described as “a marriage of pear-based cider with a bubbly prosecco taste,” it apparently offers “a unique, crisp, yet dry taste.”

Crispin Cider Pearsecco + wine glass
Pearsecco is pear cider with Prosecco undertones. Crispin Cider Co.

The concoction came about after Crispin noticed sales of both prosecco and pear cider were booming.

According to recent Nielsen data cited by Crispin, pear-flavoured ciders were up 120% and prosecco wines were up about 10% over the course of 2018.

The new cans of Pearsecco will be available to purchase both in 12-can variety packs ($US16.99) with the rosé and brut ciders, as well as in standalone Pearsecco slim can six-packs, in grocery and liquor stores across the US (and currently only the US).

The brand says the slim cans contain ciders perfectly suited for wine glasses.

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“The release of Crispin Rosé was our first venture into wine-inspired ciders at the forefront of the rosé trend last year,” said Danielle Rappoport, director of Ciders, Mexican Imports and Flavored Malt Beverages.

“Both prosecco and pear-inspired beverages have seen strong growth in recent years.

“With the new Pearsecco flavour, we are continuing to appeal to cider and wine drinkers alike with yet another rendition of our fresh and modern take on cider.”