PEAK AUSTRALIA: A kangaroo punched a paraglider after he landed on its turf

Paul Kane/Getty Images

In peak Aussie form, a kangaroo attacked a paraglider in Australian Capital Territory shortly as soon as he landed.

The rare, unprovoked attack was caught on camera by Jonathan Bishop as he came in to land at Orroral Valley in Namadgi National Park.

As he approaches the landing spot, Bishop can be heard saying: “Hey what’s up Skip?”

But this Skippy wasn’t as friendly as the one that graced TV screens.

It hopped over to the landing site before Bishop, 35, had hit the ground and instantly became territorial.

The marsupial can be seen swinging at Bishop in the video, who soon changes his tune.

“Hey f–k off, ahh f–k off! Go away,” he can be heard saying on the camera footage.

A tweet from SBS News that contains the video has received 66,671 likes at the time of writing, and 25,742 retweets.

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