PayPal Picked This Design Guru To Make A Square Killer

yves behar

Photo: Flickr / Fortune Live Media

PayPal is working on a new card-swiping device that will charge a 2.7 per cent fee per transaction compared to Square’s 2.75 per cent fee, Bloomberg reports.Not only that, but they’re hiring Yves Behar’s design firm Fuseproject to create a triangle-shaped card reader that will match the design savvy of the Square card reader.

The new device is said to be blue and also plug into the headphone jack of a smartphone, Bloomberg reports.

Behar has worked on a lot of projects — notably a lot of the Jawbone products.

Also, he’s designed a vibrator.

He's worked with Jawbone several times, including the Jambox...

...the Jawbone Up...

...and the original Jawbone.

Fuseproject designed the One Laptop Per Child device as well.

Fuseproject also helped design this high-tech floor cleaner called the Mint.

It's not just limited to tech — Fuseproject designed a GE electric car charger...

...a pill dispenser...

...and a bike.

Also, the awesome-looking Mission Motors electric motorcycle.

Want some sweet kicks? Fuseproject the packaging for these Puma tennis shoes.

Similar to clothing: Fuseproject designed Verbien/Augen Optics eyewear.

The Ardea Lamp from Herman Miller came from Fuseproject

They worked with Issey Miyake to produce this watch.

The Slingbox is another Fuseproject design.

Also, vibrators...

...and condoms!

Think Yves Behar has some cool designs?

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