Peter Thiel Is Investing Millions To Build Floating Islands

PayPal founder and venture capitalist Peter Thiel is investing millions of dollars to build his own utopian countries. The countries, which will be in the form of islands floating on internatinal waters (thus not subjected to the laws of any nation), will be used for ground-breaking experiments of government and society. Ideas such as a society that is free of welfare, minimum wages, strict weapons restrictions, and rigid building codes are expected to be enforced on these islands.

The new countries will be built on moveable, diesel-powered platforms similar to those that house oil rigs. Each island will accomodate up to 270 people, and the structures will be linked together to form a web of micro-countries.

It may sound like a whole lot of hog wash, but Thiel already has plans that envision a fully settled island by 2019 and predictions of 10 million floating residents by 2050.

Thiel has not yet explained how these islands would be able to generate funds for food and other daily requirements.

The Rich Times