The British Can Now Pay $15 To Message Snoop Dogg On Facebook

Snoop Dogg (aka Snoop Lion)Facebook users in the UK can now pay to message their favourite celebrities’ inboxes.

Since December, Facebook has charged many users in the US $1 to message strangers’ inboxes directly. The charge is part of a “test” to improve filtering of unwanted messages, according to a Facebook announcement.

Users can also have their messages delivered to those with a high number of ‘Followers’ — generally the profiles of public figures and celebrities. The pay-to-message system was expanded to the UK yesterday.

Facebook explains that several price points are being tested. The cost of sending a message is partly dependent on the receipient ‘s level of fame, which Facebook calculates with a secret algorithm.

$15 seems to be the going rate for a message. Snoop Dogg (aka Snoop Lion), Arianna Huffington, and Salman Rushdie can all be contacted at this price. The only exception we have noticed is Olympic swimmer Tom Daley, whose inbox can be reached for $15.90.

Salman Rushdie Facebook

Business Insider contacted Facebook, and we are currently waiting for further explanation on the varying rates. We will write an update when we hear back.

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