Pay Raises Won’t Solve Your Problems With Unhappy Employees


Everyone would like to make more money. But if your workforce is unhappy, paying them more won’t magically make their problems go away.

Trent Hamm explains why at the OPEN Forum:

The first solution – throwing money at the personnel problem – never works.  If there’s a conflict between people that’s keeping the work from being completed in a timely fashion, direct financial rewards will, at best, only make a tiny short term difference.

Never solve a people problem by giving a raise.  It’s like trying to buy the love of a beautiful woman – you might turn her head, but you’ll never turn her heart.

Instead, start by asking questions – and listening.  Spend the time to dig through the conflict and figure out what the source of it is, then address that source directly.

If you’re simply trying to raise general morale and are intending to spend to do it, give time instead of money.  Give people some extra time off.  Give them more flexibility in their hours – try adding some flexibility to the scheduling. 

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