Pay for Newsday On The Web? That’s Jimmy Dolan’s Idea


JD and the Straightshots!!! Tonight at Happy McFarlane’s in Happauge!!!

Oh, sorry, that’s Jimmy Dolan’s other hobby.

The one we’re more interested in is his attempt to make Newsday‘s website a pay-to-read operation. Newsday is a fine paper and serves a great, high-demographic niche in Long Island but it’s not as invaluable as the Wall Street Journal. The big question: will the locals cough up more cash to Dolan if they’re already paying him for their cable service (not to mention still being twisted about the last four basketball seasons at MSG)?

Give him credit for trying something, though. It’s kind of an interesting play–if what the paper’s publisher said holds. According to Timothy Knight, the company may try to cross-promote Web access as part of the Cablevision programming package.

“We are in the process of transforming Newsday‘s Web site into an enhanced, locally focused cable service that we believe will become an important benefit for Newsday and Cablevision customers.”

Maybe people will pay for the web if they don’t feel it, if it’s just another line on their cable bills.