Pennsylvania Ad Agency Places 'Hipsters Wanted' Ad In New York Magazine

Pavone, a branding firm in Pennsylvania, placed a “Hipsters Wanted” ad in New York Magazine

It’s hoping to recruit groovy candidates that non-New York states apparently “don’t have.”

The classified ad specifies “proven Dumbo experience preferred” and that “minimum two years mustache and/or bangs experience” is a plus as is “sarcasm and upper-middle-class terminology.”

Another requirement is that prospective candidates be “capable of articulating brands in a range of voices as far apart as Zach Braff after bad sushi and Beyonce skydiving.”

Wendy Steiner from The Bold Italic, a news site based in San Francisco, first pointed out the listing which prompted her to ask “the sick, sad question … are hipsters the new Nespresso machines? That is, you want them in the office to look pretty, but they’re overpriced and you never get that much out of them.”

Steiner seemed legitimately disturbed by the ad and wondered whether the agency was playing a joke “on the new biz dev guy that everyone thinks is a tool for suggesting hiring more hipsters.” 

Pavone Director of Communications, Michael Lane puts her mind to rest explaining that “This ad is real! One of our senior creative directors wrote the ad feeling that it would be a playful way to share some of the spirit of our agency culture. And, as the ad said: ‘sense of sarcasm required.'”

Steiner’s misgivings notwithstanding, the earnest ad has been a relative success.

As Lane confides, it has elicited “about 30 applications so far…from as far away as the U.K…[and an] outpouring of responses just to say they liked the ad.” 

See the ad reproduced below:

New York Magazine Ad

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