One Of John Paulson's Funds Is Really Doing Well

Amanda Gordon/BloombergAfter years of crippling losses, the one-time hedge fund superstar – now just a mere mortal fund manager John Paulson, is offering his (very patient) investors some decent returns.

In 2013 there are many high performing hedge funds (nudge nudge, wink wink Japan), and for the first time since his monster bet against the US housing market, he is running up front.

The top list so far in 2013 from HSBC shows that Paulson Recovery Fund has returned 21.01% so far in 2013. 

The fund is makes bets on investments designed to benefit from a long-term economic advance. 

However, the rest of his funds are being cut down by massive long bets on gold and it’s said that John Paulson has personally lost over $1bn so far in 2013 on the gold drop alone.

Here’s the top list so far in 2013:


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