Paulson's Flagship Fund Is Down 17% So Far This Year

John Paulson

Photo: AP Images

John Paulson, who had a disastrous 2011 with with some of his funds falling 30 to 50%, is still having a rough go of it for some of his funds.Paulson & Co. flagship fund, the Advantage Plus fund, lost 3% in October and its now down 17% YTD, Reuters’ Katya Wachtel and Svea Herbst-Bayliss report. That fund fell more than 50% last year.

Meanwhile, his gold fund is down ~10% for the year, the report said. 

Some positive ares to highlight though include his Paulson Enhanced fund, which is up up 10.8 for the year and his Credit fund, which is up 6% for the year, according to Reuters. 

The billionaire hedge fund manager has been closely followed ever since he famously shorted the subprime housing market in 2007. 

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