Pauline Hanson wants to ban the burqa in government buildings in Queensland

Senator Pauline Hanson. Photo: Lisa Maree Williams/ Getty Images.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson will ban the burqa in all government-controlled buildings, including schools, if her party wins the Queensland state election, expected to be called later this year.

“I’m going to ban the burqa in government buildings and banks and schools,” she told Sky News.

“We are going to lead the way in Queensland, no driver’s licenses wearing the burqa or anything like that.”

Since her return to politics, after last year’s double dissolution federal election, Hanson has been clear about her thoughts on Islam, which she regards as a “totalitarian political ideology.”

An earlier Business Insider article titled, “Everything you should know about Pauline Hanson” outlined her platform, which includes cameras in mosques and Muslim schools, the burqa banned and a royal commission into the religion.

On Monday, One Nation was given approval to run in this year’s WA state election, after two objections to its application were rejected.

It came as the One Nation leader revealed she had been “gifted” tickets to US president-elect Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration ceremony.

The senator briefly considered attending before announcing there was too much “happening in Australia”.

“I think everyone knows my support for Donald Trump, I was so pleased to see him win, but I think my responsibility is here first and foremost, I’ve always said that.

“My duties to the people of Queensland and Australia come first”.

She’s passed the tickets on to NSW senator Brian Burston to head to the USA instead.

Sky News has more.

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