Pauline Hanson is spruiking 'non-halal' Easter chocolate

One Nation senator Pauline Hanson Photo: Getty Images

Queensland senator Pauline Hanson’s concerns about halal foods have now extended to Easter.

On the 20th anniversary of the launch of One Nation in 1997, the party leader has taken to Facebook to urge supporters to buy “non-halal Easter eggs and chocolate”.

“One of the biggest complaints I have had since being elected is about halal certification,” Hanson says in her 90-second address, going on to say she’s demanded answers from the government in response to 2015’s senate inquiry into food certification, which was unable to substantiate any of the wilder claims made by critics of halal.

Hanson has previously said it’s “offensive” to have to buy products such as Vegemite and Cadbury chocolates that are halal certified.

One Nation’s policy platform claims that buying Halal certified products “means that you are financially supporting the Islamisation of Australia, including Sharia Law” and calls it a “money making racket”.

PHON reserves special attention for “Australian icon Cadbury” for having halal certification. The company is owned by US giant Mondelez, which also products halal-certified Vegemite.

Anti-halal activists have previously targeted winemaker Jacob’s Creek over the mistaken belief its wine was “halal certified”.

Hanson said people should buy Swiss-owned Lindt and Darrell Lea chocolates over Cadbury, adding that the latter can be bought from newsagents.

“Go and buy some non-halal Easter eggs and chocolate,” she says, “and have a happy Easter everyone, and a very safe one”.

Here’s her full post

Yesterday Hanson announced a ban against the ABC following a Four Corners report that featured disgruntled former One Nation members and raised concerns about the proper disclosure of election support for the party.

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