Pauline Hanson is facing a lawsuit over claims she dumped One Nation's WA president and secretary for being 'too old'

Pauline Hanson. Photo: Saeed Khan/ AFP/ Getty Images.

The West Australian president and secretary of One Nation have been dumped from the party.

Despite being associates of senator Pauline Hanson for 20 years, Ron McLean and wife Marye​ Louise Daniels had been ejected from One Nation for allegedly being “too old”.

Former president McLean, 87, claims Hanson told him: “Ron, I’m sacking you from the position on [the] agriculture [ticket], I believe you’re too old and you’ll be 91 when the term’s finished.”

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that McLean and Daniels, 79, had been responsible for vetting and pre-selecting One Nation candidates for the WA election, and were apparently “the only people” Hanson could trust with the party’s resurgence in the state.

Now, just days out from the election, the pair have filed an anti-discrimination claim against Hanson and requested a written explanation about the dismissal from her.

Their lawyer John Hammond said, “We do not agree that anyone should be told that they’re too old to stand for parliament.”

Western Australia is holding a state election this Saturday, with the conservative government of Colin Barnett struggling in the polls after eight years in power.

The SMH has more.

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