Pauline Hanson has won another Senate seat for One Nation

Pauline Hanson. Photo: Saeed Khan/ AFP/ Getty Images.

Rodney Culleton, a former Western Australian farmer, is joining controversial anti-immigration politician Pauline Hanson as a One Nation elected zenator.

The Australian Electoral Commission declared him 11th out of 12 new Senators for the state of Western Australia.

However, there is one problem which could keep him out of the Senate. He was convicted of larceny in March in a charge related to a dispute with a tow-truck driver who was trying to repossess a vehicle.

Culleton is appealing but a conviction could rule him ineligible to be sworn in as a senator. He also faces another charge stemming from protest trying to stop receivers seizing a friend’s farm.

Rodney Culleton. Supplied

He was a wheat and sheep farmer before the ANZ Bank foreclosed on his property in 2013. Since then he has become an advocate for farmers facing actions from banks.

“This is whole reason why I’m standing for politics, because you stand up for your right to go against the establishment, against the grain in the wood, you get penalised for it,” he told the ABC’s Lateline.

One Nation won’t lose the Senate spot if he is ruled ineligible. The party can replace him.

The Australian Electoral Commission says the Liberal Party will have five senators from Western Australia and the ALP four.

Greens Senators Scott Ludlam and Rachel Siewert managed to hold on to their seats.

Here are the 12 new Senators from Western Australia:

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