Pauline Hanson claims Twitter has suspended her account after she called for cattle prods to be used on peaceful protesters

Pauline Hanson is not impressed (Photo by Tracey Nearmy, Getty Images)
  • Pauline Hanson has allegedly been suspended from Twitter after posting a video suggesting Queensland police should use cattle prods against Brisbane Adani protesters.
  • Hanson claims Twitter took offence to the video on the grounds of “abuse and harrassment”.
  • The federal senator said it’s a deliberate effort to shut down freedom of speech, while those taunting her on Twitter remain active.

Australian Senator Pauline Hanson has reportedly had her Twitter account suspended on Thursday for violating a rule against abuse and harassment.

The federal senator claims the suspension was in response to a video she posted suggesting cattle prods be used on Brisbane protesters demonstrating against the controversial Adani Carmichael coal mine. Twitter has not responded to requests to confirm the allegation.

Hanson posted what appears to be a screenshot of the suspension notice, citing her video titled ‘Pauline’s plan to punish protester pests’.

Pauline Hanson claims she has been suspended from Twitter (Source:

In a media release, she claimed it was a deliberate effort by the political left to silence her.

“I don’t see how my tweet was somehow offensive and potentially harmful if those tweets wishing I’d fall of Uluru are not,” she said.

“This is just a concerted effort by the left to once again push for the censorship of conservative politicians and commentators, but I won’t be silenced and I will keep working for the good of all Australians.”

In the video posted, which was still available on Facebook at the time of writing, Hanson said protestors that glue themselves to the streets of Brisbane should be dealt with by cattle prods, brandishing one as an example.

Hanson posted a video saying she would allow Queensland police to use cattle prods against protesters (Source: Facebook)

“How about if you need to get through the traffic, maybe take a loved one to hospital, or desperately need to get to your job, or something’s happening, and the protestors are there? You know what I reckon the solution. Let’s use one of these on them. I think they’ll soon move,” Hanson said.

“Let’s give the idea to [Queensland Premier] Annastacia Palaszczuk; see if she’s actually got the guts to give it to the police to actually start using these. I would.”

In Hanson’s media statement, she highlighted that users who had made violent comments to her, including death threats, remain unsuspended.

“The left has bullied Twitter into suspending my account, yet others who are quite vicious are free to keep going on with their ill-informed rubbish,” she said.

She’s now asking Twitter to please explain.

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