Paula Deen Bursts Out In Tears On 'Today' Show

Paula Deen broke down on the “Today” show during an exclusive interview with Matt Lauer.

Deen cancelled an interview with Lauer last week after she was let go from the Food Network for admitting to making racist remarks in the past.

Lauer had a tough time keeping Deen on topic to discuss her business and controversial deposition during the nearly 15-minute interview.

For much of the interview, Deen stood her ground saying the main reason she was on “Today” was to make sure everyone “knows her beliefs and who she is.”

“I am here because I want people to know who I am. People who have worked beside, have walked beside me know what type of person I am. I am so distressed that people I’ve never heard of are all of a sudden experts on who I am … What distresses me the very most is that their words are being given weight.”

Discussing her firing from Food Network, Lauer briefly asked Deen if she would have fired herself under the same circumstances. She said she would not have.

Paula Deen cries

Near the end, Lauer quickly lost control of the interview as Deen broke down in tears saying it wasn’t fair she was being singled out for a moment in her life years ago. 

“If there’s anyone out there that has never said something that they wished they could take back,” said Deen. “If you’re out there, please pick up that stone and throw it so hard at my head that it kills me. Please. I want to meet you. I is what I is and I’m not changing.”

At that point, Lauer cued for the interview to end, but Deen continued.

“If you’ve never sinned … pick up that rock, pick up that boulder and hit me as hard as you can.”

“Today” quickly cut to commercial shortly after that remark.

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