In Her First Anonymous Email, Paula Broadwell Told Jill Kelley To Stop Socializing With Other Generals

Paula Broadwell

The Pentagon dropped huge news this morning when it announced that General Paul Allen, the commander in charge of NATO forces in Afghanistan, was being investigated over emails with Jill Kelley, a Tampa woman linked to the Petraeus scandal.

Kelley is the unpaid social liaison who reported “menacing” emails to the FBI, which led to the investigation that exposed the affair David Petraeus was having with his biographer Paula Broadwell and led to the former CIA director’s retirement.

It appears that Kelley’s interactions with other generals was the subject of Broadwell’s first email to Kelley.

Kelley socialized frequently with high-ranking military officers, hosting parties at the Kelley mansion. 

Broadwell, anonymously, warned her to stop.

From an article published before the news about Allen broke (emphasis ours):

The first email sent anonymously to Jill Kelley, the Tampa, Fla., woman who reported the threatening emails to the FBI, in May referred to Kelley socializing with other generals in the Tampa area and suggested it was inappropriate and should stop, according to the source close to Kelley, who spoke with NBC News on condition of anonymity.

After Kelley reported the anonymous emails to the FBI, citing concerns about harassment, the subsequent investigation found out that it was Broadwell sending the emails. Now, the FBI is investigating 20,000 to 30,000 “potentially inappropriate” pages of emails between Allen and Kelley.

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