Fans took a video of Paula Abdul falling off a stage during her concert, but the iconic singer got right back up

Gabe Ginsberg/Getty ImagesPaula Abdul kept performing after a fall.
  • Paula Abdul is currently on her “Straight Up Paula!” tour.
  • The singer fell off the stage during her show in Biloxi, Mississippi, on Saturday.
  • Fans caught the tumble on camera.
  • She was reportedly helped back onstage by some audience members and continued with the rest of the concert.

Paula Abdul doesn’t let a tumble slow her down.

During a concert in Biloxi, Mississippi, on Saturday, the 56-year-old musician fell right off the stage.

A fan caught the fall on camera, and Abdul can be seen walking towards the front of the stage as she tells the audience to clap. But as she gets close to the front of the stage, one foot steps off and she falls right to the floor in front of a shocked crowd. Some audience members can be heard gasping in surprise before the camera stops.

According to TMZ, the singer was helped back onstage by some people in the audience and continued with the rest of the show. She hasn’t addressed the fall on her social media yet and it’s unclear if she was injured in any way.

Abdul is currently on her “Straight Up Paula!” tour, which started Thursday, October 18 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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