Hedge fund titan Paul Tudor Jones once said the 'good news' is that everyone would eventually forget what Harvey Weinstein did

  • Paul Tudor Jones, a hedge fund titan, expressed his support for the disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein in an email shortly before Weinstein was ousted from his own company, The New York Times reported Wednesday.
  • He said the “good news” was that everyone would forget about the accusations against him.
  • Jones addressed the comments in a memo to employees on Wednesday, according to CNBC.

The legendary hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones reached out to comfort the now-disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein the day before Weinstein was ousted from his own company over accusations of sexual harassment and assault, The New York Times reported this week.

“I love you,” Jones reportedly wrote to Weinstein on October 7. “Focus on the future as America loves a great comeback story … The good news is, this will go away sooner than you think and it will be forgotten!”

The detail was part of a deep dive into the “complicity machine” The Times said Weinstein had engineered in his Hollywood circle to intimidate and silence potential accusers, now thought to number in the dozens.

Jones addressed his comments to Weinstein in a memo to his employees on Wednesday.

“I deeply believe in redemption, but what I know now is that Harvey was a friend I believed too long and defended too long,” the 63-year-old said, according to CNBC. “Perhaps in your own life you have faced a similar dilemma – how to react to a friend who is revealed to be someone other than the person you believed him or her to be.”

Jones has also faced accusations of making sexist comments,Bloomberg reports. Speaking at the University of Virginia in 2013, he reportedly said that having kids diminished female employees’ skill and focus. He later apologised.

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