Paul Ryan's Epic Rant Against Obama Has Diabolical Talking Points

Paul Ryan is a dangerous man. He is probably one of the most dangerous congressmen for certain. His 6 trillion dollar budget cuts budgeted a housing bubble. Now he is ranting against Obama, claiming he (Ryan) is for limited government.

But we have to look deeper into Ryan’s attitude in order to understand what he is up to. He said that Obama wants to unwind the Reagan revolution. Well, truth is, the Reagan revolution was not a completed revolution until Reagan was long gone. Reagan was a lapdog of Margaret Thatcher, who set a revolution based upon much easier laws or lack of laws in the UK, that enabled speculative behaviour in all markets to run wild. Hot money came in and out of markets and the UK again became the great puppet master of world finance.

Reagan was Thatcher’s yes man as he could not facilitate change to the same degree in the US. We had Glass-Steagall. We had rules against insurance swaps and the perverse melding of the financial system that allowed the UK to develop investment vehicles that America only copied after Reagan died.

Reagan was responsible for the Savings and Loan debacle. But we know that was small potatoes compared to the housing bubble of the last decade.

And Ryan, who clearly budgeted another housing bubble into his 6 trillion dollar budget cuts, is clearly on the warpath against main street. Main street actually prospered more prior to Reagan. Wages have stagnated for 30 years since that man ruled America. I doubt if even Ronald Reagan would approve of what Ryan wants, because I think Reagan had a naive view of the goodness of business. He was a libertarian when being a libertarian was cool.

It is not so cool anymore as we see that the invisible hand of self regulation has utterly failed. Yet Ryan wants more.

Ryan is actually not for limited government. He is for unlimited military. He is only for limited government when finance, dirty finance, is being fettered by government and when the elderly and poor stand to benefit from government services. That is unfortunate, because without regulation, the financial system will not help main street. Everything that will go into main street finance will be for the purpose of creating a hot money bubble.

Ryan clearly wants massive hot money, and massive borrowing with more easy money. In my EBook, Dirty Dirty Republicans, I make the case that both Ryan and Cantor have taken over the Tea Party, and have commanded the complete love and attention of the hedge funds who have the hot money and want to make more war on main street. Ryan is a class warrior for the wealthiest.

We can take the easy way out and have another housing bubble that hurts many, or we can do the tough work and cut per person health care costs to the amount sane nations are spending. Our nation is insane as to this health care bubble and it’s costs.

We can stop speculation in the futures markets, which drives up food and energy costs, and we can ban speculation in housing which is set up by Wall Street, even though main street borrowers push up the cost of housing in a frenzy of borrowing preplanned by the elite.

Paul Ryan has a diabolical streak. It shows when he says that he wants a people centered economy, not a government centered economy. But if you dig down, you see that he wants finance people to be in charge of this people centered economy. And by opposing the government centered economy, this pseudo libertarian wants regulation to be stymied, and the chips to fall against main street how they may.

He talks like a libertarian. He says regulation is collectivist and predatory lending is a product of individualism. What a perverse and immoral individual Paul Ryan is!

The Tea Party has driven a wedge between the Fed and the TBTF banks. Instead of seeing them as one large cartel, the Tea Party wants the banks to have more power, and the Fed to be diminished. But both are at work undermining main street. They are one, in reality.

So, Ryan can give the impression that he is against the bankers, when in reality he is not. He wants unfettered financial mayhem. And this is dangerous business from a dangerous man.

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